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Keynote Speaking

Nathalie’s aim is to inspire the audience to think beyond their own boundaries and feel moved to take meaningful action.

“Lectures should be agile, interesting and thought-provoking.”

Nathalie has many years of experience as a presenter and speaker demonstrating a knowledgeable, confident and enthusiastic style. Her experience working as executive coach, leadership trainer, facilitator and transformational consultant for companies, non-for-profit and non-governmental agencies, makes her an expert in her field. Nathalie speaks on different topics. The audience has the opportunity to reflect on past experiences and plan for future encounters with people they work with.

Participants’ interest and engagement is gained not only from concepts as models, but especially from stories, examples, and metaphors as well as individual and collective reflexive practice. Participants need to feel that the speaker understands their needs, concerns, and challenges.

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“We research our audiences thoroughly.”

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