or the magical synchronicity of wants and needs.

Surprisingly at a personal level, many people feel so overwhelmed with the power of money that they are frightened of it. Let’s quickly explore how to gain awareness about it and move past any limited views or beliefs so that to open the channels of giving and receiving and contribute to a better world and healthy economy.

Are you generous? Are you generous enough? How easy it is for you to give? and to receive? What would happen if honoring your unique worthiness you become prosperous in all ways?  Does it make you feel anxious, worried, excited, calm? What patterns and perceptions around money currently operate in your life? How would you feel if you had an abundance of money in you life? Being aware of this, how and when will you invest in your own growth, development and prosperity?

Allow me to share 3 lessons I learnt about money during my discovery journey in coaching supervision:

I :  When you consider all is in balance as the yin and yang of prosperity, as the natural flow of money then there is no tension or urgency anymore and the true source of our abundance is accessible.

II :  I you want more money, open your heart to give and receive more and more. Embrace prosperity and welcome money, use it consciously and pass it along. Money like love is

III :  Money like love is about giving and receiving energy. Open and allow expansive energy when thinking about money for the good of all… and begin to walk in that path.

In working on new ways of perceiving money in your life and in creating new modes of organization that can accommodate the unquantifiable, the human wholeness, the preciousness of life, we are just entering an age of experimentation. What will be your contribution to this shift ?